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Making it Possible for People with Developmental Disabilities to Live Ordinary Lives!

Expect ExtraOrdinary Presents...

Keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and presentations for parents, students, educators, and self-advocates

We help people with developmental disabilities and the people who love and serve them.

    •    We educate about special education and disability rights.

    •    We inspire people to dream big and make a plan to achieve goals.  

    •    We empower people to take charge of their own lives.

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Expect ExtraOrdinary: Breaking Barriers to Achieve ExtraOrdinary Lives! (Keynote)

Everyone can be ExtraOrdinary!
Assume competence. Understand needs. Recognize gifts. Allow dignity of risk. Connect with others. And make it possible to live the life you want!

Target audience:  students, self-advocates, family members, educators, service providers, community groups

ExtraOrdinary Self-Directed IEPs

Do your students know their own gifts and talents? Understand their own needs? Know their own dreams?  Students can and should be leaders of their own IEP meetings. We share our experiences and concrete steps you can take to make it possible for your students to take the lead.

Target audience:  students, family members, educators

Self-Determination:  Be the Director of  Your ExtraOrdinary Life

"All the world's a stage." Take the leading role in your own life story. Write the script and choose your co-stars. Self-advocates, this session will give you the tools to direct your own ExtraOrdinary life!  Family members, educators, and other supporters will learn how to empower self-advocates toward self-determination.

Target audience:  students, self-advocates, family members

Click here to download handout.

End the Word

Ending the r-word is about more than being nice. The r-word hurts people with disabilities. Learn about disability history and disability rights. People will disabilities are just like everyone else. Use respectful language and stop use of “the r-word”. Say what you really mean and let your words show respect for all people.

Target audience:  self-advocates, family members, students, school groups, educators, service providers, community groups

Disability History and Awareness: A Journey to Respect 

Learn how disability history impacts current attitudes. Learn about the principles of self-determination and self-advocacy. Consider ways you can open minds to acceptance and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.

Note:  This presentation meets the Illinois mandate for disability history and awareness in schools (105 ILCS 5/27-23.8).

Target audience:  self-advocates, family members, students, school groups, educators, service providers, community groups

ExtraOrdinary Parent Advocacy

“I don’t always understand my child’s IEP. I don’t know when to speak up or what to say. I feel so alone!” Learn where to find the answers, when and how to speak up, how to join with other parents, and when and how to file a complaint. We share lessons learned through Aubrie’s school career and working with the local parent group we organized.

Target audience:  family members

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