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Get Off the Sidelines and Be ExtraOrdinary!

This weekend Alina won a bronze in long jump and Meg won silver in both the 200 and the 800m run. Meg's 800 was her best time yet at 6:03. I specifically wore my "Nevertheless She Persisted" shirt today because I believe it describes the essence of who Meg and Alina and ALL Special Olympians are... people who persist among all doubt and limits.

As I watched Meg run 2 laps around the track I thought about how, today, I could not run an 800m in 6:03. I looked in the stands at people who jump longer distances, who swim faster and who lift more weight. I wondered which of us really has a disability? I don't think it's the people who give 100% effort and persist with whatever physical/intellectual ability they've been given. I think it is the people who are capable of much more yet stand on the sidelines of life with a long list of excuses for why they aren't accomplishing more. I think laziness, ignorance, hate and fear are significant disabilities many face.

It's time to get off the sidelines and take some guidance and inspiration from my favorite Special Olympians. Who wants to join me? Where can a change of attitude help you get past limits you've set for yourself or those around you?

Don't think you can accomplish something so great? Let me remind you that when Meg was born the "Expert" said she'd probably wouldn't walk or talk. I'm continually thankful she wasn't in the room to hear him set these limits on Day One, who knows how his low expectations might have held her back 😉❤️

Anne Hollis is an Expect ExtraOrdinary, Inc. board member and mom to four

amazing and extraordinary children!

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