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Romantic Thoughts: When will it be our turn?

A young female and young male hand with index fingers entwined.  She has a small gold ring on her middle finger.  He has a black watch on his wrist.

During these quiet days of isolation, I find myself a bit more apt to read romance stories, watch over-the-top Hallmark movies and the occasional Rom Com. In almost every story of this genre the plot is always the same. Open with a sweet, loveable, gorgeous girl. An equally handsome guy who's either a work-aholic or a jerk, add best friend, a break up, and another handsome fella who has no interest in romance only to fall head-over-heels by the end. While I do sometimes find them amusing, one thought always crosses my mind… When will it be our turn?

If you think about it, most couples in books and movies are able-bodied, caucasian people with killer bodies. And while society is trying to be more inclusive with gay and mixed-race couples, the only disability representation (when there is any) is a disabled man with an able-bodied girl spending the whole movie trying to convince himself that he’s worthy of being loved. In this time of so-called “Inclusivity,” why can’t the media portray a man or woman with a disability having a normal romance with an able-bodied person without having the sad music or gut-wrenching plot? When will it be our turn?

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